Web Site Creation and SEO

We can build you a better business website because we start with your business.

Graphic design and technology are no longer enough to make a strong impact on the Web. In our increasingly search-driven economy you need words — the right words in the right places. Words are how search engines understand your website. A better business website starts here.

Our process is different.

We start with a detailed interview designed to get a full view of your business, customers, and markets. We look at your competitor websites to find points of differentiation that can be amplified. Then we begin to think about graphic design.

  • Your website is speaking to both visitors and search engines — at the same time.
  • Consider this: the dominant search engines evaluate only the words that visitors can see. To be effective your website must communicate to both of these audiences in a way they each understand .

We don't cut corners on your site.

Every website we build comes with the features most businesses need:

  • Custom graphic design to match your business personality
  • Features like portfolios, contact forms, FAQs, blogs, slide shows, site search, and more
  • Modern “responsive” site layout (for mobile and desktop)
  • Flexible content management system (content editable by you)
  • SEO-friendly code
  • Website analytic

Plus we can customize a site to meet very specific needs. We host websites, we manage websites, we analyze traffic, we do just about anything Web.

What’s it going to cost?

When building truly custom websites, it is hard to determine prices without knowing about a specific situation. The three big costs in a website are graphic design, custom features (programming), and content (writing and SEO). We already have most features you would want built-in so costs are then driven by how much customization is done in graphic design and content. Below we have set out three typical scenarios for most small- to mid-sized company websites that we have build.

Tiny websiteTiny Design:
minor graphic design customization
Features: standard features
Content: minor work on one business offerings
Range: $1,500 to $2,000

Our Price: $350.00 

Small website

Small Design:
minor graphic design customization
Features: standard features
Content: major work on one or two business offerings
Range: $2,000 to $3,000

Our Price: $600.00 

Medium website

Medium Design:
extensive graphic design customization
Features: 1 custom feature
Content: major work on several business offerings
Range: $3,000 to $5,000

Our Price: Negotiable